Hotel Point Of Sale

XPOS Point of Sale System is to enable efficient management of middle level business through automation of sales and inventory processes. The systems output is to ensure the businesses are able to account for the sales made and stocks management. The system is in operation in a number of hotels and businesses and has proved a success. Furthermore XPOS can work in many platforms such as the standalone or cloud accessed via desktop, laptop or tablet and is easily integrated to Easyview App to enable easy track of MPESA payments in a busy environment.

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c)Clubs and Bars

d)Middle and small level businesses


a)Manage goods ordering process by the customer through the waiter

b)Manage payment with comprehensive reporting

c)Support role based access by admin, waiters and cashier

d)Product Inventory management

e)Management of product (Both Quantified and non-quantified)

f)Support different payment methods such as cash and Mpesa

g)Support different transactions statuses such as reversals

h)Dashboard for quick access

i)Management of users accessing the system

j)Audit trails of activities done by a user

k)Support printing access to the POS thermal printer

l)Comprehensive reporting on the sales made periodically

m)Management of suppliers

n)Management of Purchases into the store

o)Management of customers

p)Account Logout to prevent unauthorized access

q)The system is accessible to no limited number of computers within a given network

r)System is easily expandable to new requirements that may arise with

s)Usable Interface

t)Automated Backup capabilities for easy roll back

u)Among other general functionalities of a system

v)Can easily be integrated to Easyview app to enable management of many MPESA payments transactions for sales high payout casinos.

w)   The POS can be integrated to SMS service to request feedbacks from your customers