Online Voting Solution

We offer simple, secure and online voting solution. The solution allows voting through the following channels acces through web, mobile app and sms. Send us an email to request for demo acces.  The solution is suitable for orgernizations student associations

The EVS solution is a customizable web based solution that has been in operation since 2012 to facilitate elections over an online platform for organizations and membership clubs which include Moi University and MU Technology Students Association, among others. It contains various comprehensive modules that work together to achieve its core purpose of free and fair elections. The modules include voter verification, voting module, commissioner module and returning officer module all secured appropriately.

The system runs on an online platform that responds to both mobile and computer platforms. The voting will involve registered users with unique authentication to access the system wherever they are and cast their votes online.

The system can be set-up easily and timely once the client confirms the modules needed.

The features of the electronic voting system include:-

1) Authenticated access – The system provides various levels of access to the voting platform to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed. The levels of access are staged to different secure levels that one has to pass before being allowed to vote.

2) Single Voting per User – Users are only allowed to vote once per any voting session and once a user has voted he will not be allowed to access the voting page.

3) Simple and fast – The system is simple to use and guides the user in the process of voting

4) Simple and responsive interface – The system has a responsive interface to both desktop, tablet and mobile platforms

5) Customizable – The modules can be tailored to the clients need

6) Secured Access – System is secured against intruders through deploying various security checks and back-up options

7) Back-up – All voting results will be backed up on real time basis

8) Privacy – One will not know who the voter has voted for

9) Timed voting – Voting will start and stop at a specific time

10) Timely release of results – Once the voting process has stopped results will be shown at a click

11) Affordable – Depending on the level of customization