Dedicated Development Team

Scale your delivery capacity with intelligent dedicated developers. Our clients succeed by
leveraging Tridex process of building, motivating, and managing software
development teams.

Benefits Of Our Dedicated Development Team

The scale of the local talent market and regulatory framework allows versatile flexibility in managing your software developers’ team.

Our team has strong expertise in Enterprise Software, Legacy Systems, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & eCommerce, Healthcare & Insurance Industries, etc.

Our delivery is based in Eastern Europe, allowing for at least several hours of time overlap. When you require closer collaboration, our dedicated team will operate onshore.

The real-time process monitoring helps to check and adjust the development progress and results.

Tridex Group  has its unique advantages in terms of the combination of hard and soft skills essential for software engineering success.

Our resources allow us to maintain a highly customized approach to each client and remain focused on specific tasks at hand.

We facilitate technical liaison with nearshore development centers and the customer on design, specification, quality feedback, and handover.

Proven Dedicated Development Team Model

We provide full-cycle mobile app development to fit your business domain and budget requirements.



Project Managers

Project Managers

Development Leads / Engineers

Steering Committee (Business Lead, Delivery Lead)

Senior Program Manager

Development Teams

Connect With Our Experts To Promptly Get An Intelligent Extension Of Your In-House Team.

Tridex Engagement Models

Whether you need to extend your in-house team, build specific tech expertise, or speed up the development of your software product, you can do it faster and more effectively through our engagement models.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team business model is specifically designed to provide clients with Tridex best-in-class software development professionals and experts on a long-term basis.

Team Extension

The Team Extension model is intended to find a highly-skilled software development team with the right expertise and culture fit required for a specific software development project.

Project-Based Model

A project-based model is designed to provide a reliable collaboration between a customer and Tridex specialists engaged in the specific project

Areas of Responsibility




Do you have additional questions?

You should start by searching for an IT outsourcing company that offers to hire developers for the project. Once you choose the company that suits your needs, is affordable, and has useful resources to cope with the project, then contact them to get more details about the process. If you decide on the terms and conditions of your cooperation, then you are ready to interview and build a dedicated team. Before hiring a dedicated development team, you should have an outlined development process of the project and requirements. Tridex starts with the analysis of these requirements, technology challenges, and suggests the candidates. We help our customers with interviews and offer the most skilled and talented experts who can easily tackle projects of any size and level of complexity. The customers need to maintain communication with the vendor at some stages, and the project can be scaled up or down.

Dedicated developers are the essence of any project. It is important to have skilled and experienced experts to work on your project as they ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of the product. Hiring a dedicated team is not only about tech skills and knowledge, but also it brings fresh views on the project and innovative approaches, thus improving the quality of the project. Another reason for hiring the whole team at once is that it takes less time than the traditional way of finding and hiring employees. Tridex Group can also help you scale up or down your team following the project development. What is more, remote teams usually consist of skilled professionals who can efficiently work together, have the same goals, and wish to tackle projects of any level of complexity. They are ambitious and motivated to deliver perfect software within stated time frames. Hiring a dedicated team of programmers is especially useful when you have to build and launch a product within a short period of time. 

You should learn about the company you are going to work with. It is crucial as you have to choose the most reliable and experienced one. The remote team should be able to take any type of project and finish it within stated deadlines. So, before you write to anyone, check the company’s ranking in the search engine. If you find the company on the first two pages, it means that they work on SEO thus are interested in cooperation. Next, check their website. The first impression is significant in business matters as you look for a partner. The website should be easy to use and contain all the necessary information that is clear and coherent. In addition to this, check how experienced the team is, go through their portfolio, learn about the services they provide, read customers’ reviews to have a full picture. If everything meets your expectations, then you can contact the team to find out more details.

Hiring a project team is an effective way to create and launch new products. If your company lacks experts with the required skills for the project, you have to start the recruiting process that might take a while. It automatically prolongs the whole project. When working with outsourcing IT companies, it becomes much easier to hire a professional project team quickly. Intellectsoft’s customers are involved continuously in the process of recruitment of the candidates, as we want to completely satisfy your requirements. Project teams are highly motivated and enthusiastic as they aim to complete a project within stated time frames and make it most efficiently, even if it is of a high level of complexity. Bringing together different people that can come up with bright and innovative solutions for the project, have different views, and can look at any issue from another perspective. In addition to this, hiring project teams is cost-effective for companies.

To hire a remote software developer effectively in 2020, consider different hiring options such as asking for a referral, searching through various talent portals like Upwork, TopTal, and attending tech conferences. Build a consistent interview process as step two.

Establish secure and transparent communication with candidates. Monitor both the overall performance of the team and the individual performance of each member. Make sure your organization has a clear understanding of your strategy and knows how to make it work. Keep both short-term and long-term goals clear and adequately prioritized.

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