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Cloud environments have not only revolutionized IT, but how businesses operate. Embracing
cloud computing solutions can be challenging. Tridex Group is uniquely positioned to help
you define and implement smart cloud software strategy and optimize your cloud

Transform Your Business With Cloud Technology

Become Data-Centric

Cloud computing solutions will help your business seize and leverage all of your data.

Scale, Speed Agility

Cloud enables you to quickly launch your initiative with scale, reliability, and flexibility.


Cloud technology allows your business to be extensible, elastic, cost-efficient, and secure.

Latest Tech/Digital Transformation

Transform and implement digital strategies with Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud integration.

More Scale Speed & Agility

Cloud computing solutions will make your business more responsive and efficient. Use SaaS to significantly decrease the role of manual maintenance, increase productivity, and improve the end user experience in your business. Implement the PaaS solution to quickly design, deploy, and scale. Lower costs on storage, server, and in-house maintenance with IaaS. Intellectsoft can help you leverage any solution on the most popular and reliable cloud storages.

Select Any Model & Stay Flexible

Your business may rely on different cloud models. Migrate all of your operations to cloud to cut costs dramatically. If you want to be sure your sensitive data is locked down tight, combine cloud and on-premises approach in a hybrid model. Your enterprise cooperates with several cloud platform vendors? We will help your business adopt the multi-cloud model properly.

Cloud & Digital Transformation

Every successful effort in Digital Transformation relies on Big Data, and the fastest way to implement Big Data is on Cloud Technology. Whether you need to manage data for your Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, or ingest and process a large volume of IoT events — we can help you create, integrate, and tune the right cloud services, as well as ensure continuous operation of a high-load system with Architecture, Implementation, DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Delivery.


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Above all, secure cloud computing solutions rely on experienced Solution architects, who consider all possible security risks while creating a cloud architecture. When your solution is up and running, there is an array of cloud computing security solutions that help enterprises face threats on different levels. They include Preventive controls (for example, strong authentication and proper identity management) and Detective controls (individual prevention mechanisms and continuous cloud infrastructure monitoring). In case of breach, Corrective controls step in to restore the cloud’s operation and lost data. Other reliable ways to secure your cloud computing solutions is by SSL encryption and enforcing strong API security.

According to IDG, 89 percent of organizations use SaaS somewhere in their operations. Other models are popular as well, with 73 percent of companies using IaaS and 61 percent employing PaaS somewhere their operations.

38 percent of respondents of IDG’s 2018 survey say their IT departments are under pressure of moving key operations to cloud. Forty-six percent of those operations include services (including financial services), 43 percent need cloud business solutions to implement the latest tech, while 38 and 37 percent will need to rely on cloud in the healthcare industry and the manufacturing process, respectively.

The best cloud computing solutions are secure, well integrated into your operations and do not impede them, as well as allow your business to process the required amount of data efficiently. As every business uses cloud technology in its own way, the best cloud solutions providers always cater to the exact needs of their clients.

According to IDG, companies outline five challenges: finding the right vendor (47 percent of respondents), security concerns (34 percent), where their data is stored (34 percent), lack of the right skills need to extract maximum value from cloud investments (31 percent), and integration concerns (29 percent).

First, companies need to enforce security and compliance by creating policies as well as abridge their enterprise storages with the chosen public cloud with the help of dedicated tools. Efficiency is another challenge, as public cloud computing solutions lack some simple efficiencies like deduplication and compression, which influences the cloud budget significantly. Other challenges include public cloud’s capability to cover all enterprise needs as well as proper integration into existing systems.

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