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“Powering your aspirations into reality and Tailoring your elevator”

Why Choose Us

Providing innovative tech solutions to you and your loved ones.

As full-service commercial and industrial electrical contractors, we stand ready to assist with any maintenance and repair services you’ll need to keep your electrical systems functioning reliably and efficiently.

Energy Innovations

Pioneering energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Licensed Experts

Trusted, licensed experts ensuring quality and excellence.

Renewable Technology

Innovative renewable tech powering a sustainable tomorrow.

24/7 Priority Support

Round-the-clock support, prioritizing your needs always.


Our team comprises skilled engineers and technicians who possess diverse expertise in the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of High and Medium Voltage switchgear.

Unlimited License Capability

Tridex Group holds unlimited licensing capabilities, allowing us to take on the largest of projects. From a simple panel upgrade to a multi-million electrical project,   is always backed with unlimited licensing, bonding and insurance to have you fully covered.

A Culture Of Teamwork

At Tridex Group, it is understood that communication is key. That’s why our management, office staff, field foremen, and safety personnel work closely to ensure that each project is completed as safely, proficiently, and timely as possible.

What We Do

Electrical Installation And Maintenance Services

Tridex Group Construction team have extensive experience with projects of various sizes and complexity. Our team combines safety and quality with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Elevator Installation And Maintenance Services

With our expertise in lift, escalator, moving walk, and hoist services, in collaboration with Tridex Group, we strive to deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and safety throughout the entire lifecycle of these systems.

IT & Software Services

We design, develop, maintain, implement, testing support and documentation services and other services as may be required to create, enhance, improve, modify, update, or upgrade software applications.

IoT Services

IoT fosters device connectivity, powering data networks for efficiency and resource optimization. Real-time energy monitoring reduces waste, enhances sustainability, and boosts productivity.

Smart Energy

Explore the advantages of our smart energy solutions. Tailored to your preference - prepaid, postpaid, or smart - track usage, cut costs, and support sustainability. Join our journey to efficient, eco-friendly energy management.

Substation Automation Systems(SAS)

"Our SAS platform employs cutting-edge tech for efficient, reliable, and secure energy infrastructure. Partnering with industry leaders, we provide integrated, real-time insights for tailored solutions."

“Powering Your Aspirations Into Reality And Tailoring Your Elevator”

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